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drug offenses lawyer Albuquerque Nuovo Messico, criminal attorney

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Our office is organized in such a way as to guarantee legal assistance in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese, with highly qualified technical specialists mainly in the field of Italian citizenship, differentiating primarily for the close cooperation and relationship it has with the entire team lawyers working within the firm, in order to offer qualified experience and legal skills.

Among the most frequent requests for citizenship we have: 1) Who is an Italian citizen by birth? Those people who own at least one of the two parents with Italian citizenship. 2) To whom should the citizenship request be presented? At the Ministry of the Interior, through the Prefecture office. 3) How do you get citizenship by marriage?

A foreigner who joins in marriage with an Italian citizen can obtain citizenship after 2 years have passed since the marriage took place, if he lives in Italy, or 3 years if he resides abroad.

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The years decrease by half if there is the presence of offspring. 4) What documents must be attached?

The certificate of residence, the family certificate, the birth certificate (translated and granted by the Italian Consulate), a certificate of the country of origin (translated and granted by the Italian Consulate) and any other third states, certificate of Italian citizenship of the spouse, certificate of the judicial register. It is good to remember that many documents can be self-certified.

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Moreover, if these documents can not be obtained from the country of origin, a notary certification can be provided before the Court. 5) How to obtain citizenship for permanent residence? Foreigners legally residing in Italy, for over 10 years, can apply for citizenship.

This is called naturalization. 6) What certificates should I attach? The certificate of residence, the family certificate, the certificates of income of the last 3 years prior to the request, the birth certificate (translated and granted by the Italian Consulate), the criminal certificate of the country of origin (translated and granted by the Consulate Italian) and any other third states, a photocopy of the residence permit, certificate of the criminal record.

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Even in this circumstance many documents can be self-certified. Moreover, if these documents can not be obtained from the country of origin, a notary certification can be provided before the Court. 7) The application for citizenship is not accepted if there are criminal records? If the requesting person has committed certain crimes against the country in the sense that he has committed particularly serious fraud, convicted by a sentence exceeding 3 years of imprisonment, the request is not accepted by the Ministry.

Also, the question is not accepted in the circumstance in which the crimes were committed in a foreign country but also recognized by Italian law, in fact, when you are faced with proven security reasons for the country. If you are facing a sentence of conviction you can make the request for rehabilitation, in the hypothesis in which the requirements are presented. 8) Is the person awaiting sentencing considered as a victim of nationality? No, but the question is suspended until the final verdict. 9) What are the times prescribed for the end of the procedure?

The Ministry of the Interior is obliged to give a judgment within 2 years from when the request was submitted, or complete the certification if any documents were missing. 10) How is the procedure closed? With a measure of the Ministry of the Interior. 11) What happens when the request is accepted?

The person involved must take an oath within 6 months from when the request was accepted, after which the procedure can be considered concluded. 12) What happens if the request is denied? In this circumstance it is possible to resort to the T.A.R. in the circumstances in which the Ministry of the Interior procedure is prejudiced and / or unjustified.

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